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1 Markups

Multiple markup languages are supported

The default format in this wiki is creole. Pages with name endings use the matching aspect. You can specify the rendering aspect using the aspect attribute (See edit/Features).

2 Interwiki-Links


[[wikipedia:Wiki|Wiki on Wikipedia]]

Wiki on Wikipedia

3 Embedding

3.1 Gists

Embed gists with <gist id="1234"/>

g++ -o test test.cpp
objdump -S test | grep 0x375f00
view raw bla.sh hosted with ❤ by GitHub
template<int i>
struct fac { static const int result = fac<i - 1>::result * i; };
struct fac<0> { static const int result = 1; };
int main() {
return fac<10>::result;

3.2 Templates

Include tag:

Text in the Box...

Include shortcut:

Text in the Box...

3.3 LaTex

You can embed LaTeX-code via <math>-Tags. There are multiple math renderers available. You can select a math renderer on the attribute page.

\( \mathrm{i}\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t} |\,\psi (t) \rangle = \hat H |\,\psi (t) \rangle \)

\( \frac{\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2 \cdot 45} \)

Shortcuts are also supported. See Tests/Math.

3.4 Source code

#include <stdio.h>
int main(void) {
   printf("hello world\n");
   return 0;
#!/bin/env ruby
puts "Hello world"
puts "And what a wonderful world it is!"

3.5 Images

3.5.1 Bitmaps


3.5.2 SVGs

SVG Image with Subtitle SVG Image with Subtitle